UNEB to Releases 2009 UACE Examination Results

Posted: February 26, 2010 in 1
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The Ministry of Education and Sports and UNEB are set to release results of over 90,000 students who sat for the 2009 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations.

You can access your Results Direct to you mobile phone via SMS;

Type: “UACE Index No, eg. UACE 003203/078 and send to 6600.


1. Use the Students INDEX Number.
2. Do NOT put your name in the sms message.
3. Do NOT leave spaces between UACE.

  1. please inform us as soon as uneb releases the 2009 uace results. we dont have awebsite
    but you e can always reach us on our emailaddress above.we are looking forward to your positive responce.

  2. NAMARA EDSON says:

    1.why students fails science subjects?.

    2.government should improve no passing examination.

  3. NAMARA EDSON says:

    government should make sure that exams are done successifully

  4. mary says:

    how come am not getting response,ive sent a request for results

  5. kandari Julius says:

    Thanks to Hon. Bitamazire for the work done on Education of Uganda because we used to suffer alot in getting our exams and most especialy those who were in villages because we could receive results after two weeks from the time of their release since Head Teachers took along time to pick exams due to lack of time and money to go to kampala.please atleast send us some details on how schools and Districts performed.God Almighty bless u all Ugandans. I remain JULIUS KANDARI KASIGAZI from Rukungiri Uganda

  6. kandari Julius says:

    wishing all senior six vacists a big smile to their released exams .From Julius Kasigazi

  7. ken ema says:

    hope that the country has real change in terms of technology


    Thanks alot for the work done, However i have been requesting results for U1732/035 UACE RESULTS ever since they were out but all i get is that no results for this candidate yet this is the correct index number. Help!

    • smsmedia says:

      Hello, thank you for your comment, however the part of the index number for the student(035) provided seems to be wrong. please check and send again.

  9. Kule Mwanamwolho says:

    Thanks should go back to the minister of education and sports.This is a great job done by the minister.At least students are now comfortable because o their results.

  10. steven naiman says:


    • smsmedia says:

      Hello thank you for your comment, Please note that to receive your UACE result’s on your mobile phone, sms “UACE U1526/519 and send to 6600”

  11. smsmedia says:

    Hello thank you for your comment, Please note that to receive your UACE result’s on your mobile phone, sms “UACE U1526/518 and send to 6600”

  12. SSEKWE PHIONA says:


  13. oscar k ulluya says:

    thanks a lot but we are just facing many problem especially when we want to know results,what should we do because sms for us is a problem that means it can not pass through,please help us as early as you can

  14. Musungu Evans says:

    wishing all s6 vacists a fantamaglorious stay on this damn earth.

  15. mwanje sadam solomon says:

    sir/madam thanks 4 da gud service . am a 2010 uace candidate from bahati high school lweza kajjansi.want always 2 be updated. I WISH U A MERRY CHRISTMAS $ AHAPPY NEW YEAR.

  16. Hullo I request for exams of this index. 64/229/028

  17. To UNEB i would like to know the result of my book that is Biology the result of 2009 under Nyarilo secondary school 1123/099

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