“The Age of Morality: A Fading era.”

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Roshan Nabateesa.

Back in the day our ancestors had a code of conduct in which they believed to be the best way to raise and groom a child for the next generation.

Children were taught to respect their elders, wives were taught to respect their husbands and above all ever one was taught there is no greater power than the one above. This was an era indeed.

Education was taken as an important aspect in life but they could not let that make them forget their roots, hard work was equally as important because they had to teach their children that nothing comes easy in life and you have to work your to the top, respecting everyone was also an important virtue for they were taught one who respects others will earn the trust and respect that he truly deserves. They believed in power yes; power that was possessed by the strongest man in the village, power that was possessed by the elders and chiefs and most importantly the power that was possessed by the gods and the God they believed in.

In a society where women were never taken for granted; a mother and daughter were taken as the most valuable possessions a man could hold. As for the man he was always represented by the knowledge, courage, strength and the skills that he possessed. Only then would he be fit to walk among fellow men; being able to “sit at the table of men” as they call it now days.

Nothing in that generation was ever taken for granted for they knew the meaning of life, love, respect and what it meant to belong to a particular religion, tribe or back ground, kindness and one’s code of conduct.

But all that seems to be slowly fading away and the new era is quickly setting in and taking over every man’s valuable possession knownarte_africana_catalo. as dignity. As one great author William Golding referred to it as the “savagery instincts in man”.

With the coming of the dot com era, technology, media, greed seem to have taken over our values and the things that our ancestors used to believe in and treasure the most.

The media has taken over the parenting responsibilities and at some point children will never know their roots because they look up to the foreign culture. People have resorted to cheating their way through life for greed and corruption have become the order of the day. Hard work has got a whole new definition in this era.

Women have become an object and have lost their dignity to this material world that we live in today. Prostitution has become their new venture because they are trying so hard to fit in the society they live in. With the advancement of technology they have decided to flaunt their naked bodies on social media just as a way of getting attention, making more money and getting closure for themselves.

As if that is not enough, our daughters are becoming cheaper by the day; wearing clothes that leave little to our imagination, dating sugar daddies, trading sex for all the material things. In general they have become professional prostitutes.

Their morals are indeed sickening. Teenagers and adults have taken on the trend of getting attracted to the same sex and for some reason they also believe that they have the right to belong to the same society that was started by their ancestors.

This era has indeed chewed up our traditional values and norms and our ancestors are weeping bitterly.

Will our ways change or should we prepare for the worst to come?


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