What is your plan in life?

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Roshan Nabateesaplan-guy

We all have dreams and desires in life. That’s why our superiors, mentors, teachers, leaders and guardians have tried their level best to be good at whatever they do so that they can set the right example to those who are yet to achieve their goal and are walking towards a certain destination.

While growing up, no one knows what their future holds or what may come their way. But through the great leaders, like Nelson Mandela who was able to set a good example across the African continent and overseas, through Martin Luther King who was able to stare us to the right path of freedom, and through the great authors who have been able to help us pick a struggle through their great literature, we have all been able to know certain things that we cannot foresee with our own eyes or comprehend with our own minds.

Apart from the great leaders of this world and the great authors, we have also been able to get a firsthand example from the “Bill Gates” of this world. Taking a good example from our homeland; Sudhir Ruparelia, Gordon Wavamuno and not forgetting Katumwa, who rose room the dust to get where they are at this point in time.

We may look at all those people and admire who they are, what they own or even weigh them from the property and the material things they possess, but we tend to forget that they had a plan. For each great achievement that they have come to accomplish we must understand that they have had a plan.
For those who may not know; a plan is typically any diagram or list of steps with timing and resources, used to achieve an objective.

To get your way through life one must have a plan. It may not be as clear or vivid as you may want it but it’s a start to something bigger and better. If you want to have a bright future or become somebody in life, the first plan should be getting a good education and staying in school. However this does not mean all those that dropped out of school or were not able to get a good education did not get or will not get a bright future but it goes down to having a plan through everything you do; in this case what we would call “a plan to survival.”

To start a great company like SMS Media, the directors had a plan; one which they saw would produce results. A plan which was meant to hold the company on its feet as long as it’s still up and running.
At this point in time, we all know that the best friendships and relationships are all based on having a good plan in life.

But unfortunately we are faced with a problem of citizens and friends who don’t even have a plan to have a plan and these are the very people who have set us back and development has turned out to be a theory in our minds rather than a realty.

Time and time again we complain about not being successful or not being where we want to be in life but we never stop think about how things would be if we had made a plan in the first.

We cannot start expecting results if we did not plan for them. So you can now ask yourself a silent question; what’s my plan?plan


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