Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Roshan Nabateesa

Power, money and fame seem to be the world’s biggest desires in the 21st Century.

Every Tom, Dick, Harry and Sewanyana wants to keep up with the trend so they have tried to gain their popularity in every way possible and it doesn’t seem to matter how they get it.

'The key to having 1 million Twitter followers is by setting up 1 million Twitter accounts!'

‘The key to having 1 million Twitter followers is by setting up 1 million Twitter accounts!’

We have seen celebrities like Margaret Thatcher, Beyonce, the late Michel Jackson, Oprah Winfrey etc who have gained their popularity through their extra ordinary work and through what they have led us believe who they really are; people with great character and have been able to add value to their careers.

For some celebrities, their popularity has been a growing process from a common citizen to a person with great ambition and vision for the people that they lead in this case I would give an example of our country president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who was a simple man from Ntugamo but had a vision for this country. He did not come from a rich family but because of what he believed in and wanted to be, he fought his way to the top and that ladies and gentlemen is what I would call gaining popularity with class.

Times have indeed changed because of what the media has led to believe that being popular or famous is the only way to survive or be noticed especially when it comes this country.

At this point on time I would call it cheap popularity because even the so called celebrities have taken it to another level. A case in point when Desire Luzinda’s ex-boyfriend exposed her nude pictures; the poor woman couldn’t find the smallest hole on this planet to hide her shame on the other hand we were disgusted by the man’s actions because as a grown man he could do better than that. If he really wanted to be popular he would just have done a collabo with her and life goes on; at least then we wouldn’t be so traumatized.

Speaking of collabos what is it with artists who produce songs without an ounce of meaning in them. Do they actually earn money from those songs oba the audience is supposed to just figure everything out; like Panado wa basaja…eehh what were you thinking? At least Zuena realized she was wasting her time and tried out other talents.

As for the people who have “some money” and they think they have to advertise it every other day. The likes of King Lawrence, Ivan and Ketsha I think you should know that’s not how real rich people act. If you were getting tips from Mic Ezra I think its best you know they are probably writing a history paper about him so you should get actual tips from Sudir or Wavamuno.

Our politicians are also getting off truck or should I say they are already off truck. The people you serve are shortage of every service from health services to good education facilities but you seem to be the people who want to be in front of every TV camera in this country making headlines of empty promises because this country needs more things put in action than words.political

The desire popularity has taken over our lives in one way or another which is why we ought to choose wisely because some people never recover from the effects.

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